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2017 AMF Futsal Women’s World Cup


The 2017 AMF Futsal Women’s World Cup, also known as the Mundial AMF Futsal Femenino 2017, will be the third edition of the AMF Futsal Women’s World Cup. The tournament will be held in Balaguer, Catalonia from 18–26 November 2017. Twelve national teams from all confederations will participate in the tournament including: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Catalonia, Chinese Tapei, Colombia, France, Italy, Paraguay, South Africa, Switzerland and United States.

Balaguer commitment to women’s sport and the country

The Catalan federation will organize the World Cup football in the capital of the Noguera

Balaguer will host the third World Championship women’s football history. The organized during the month of November 2017 . This was decided the World Association of Futsal (AMF) a proposal by the Catalan federation of this sport ( FCFS ), who was nominated. The city had offered to organize any international competition, thanks to the seriousness of the proposal, carrying a world ended. Thus, confirming a strong commitment to the capital of Noguera for women’s sport and the country, since Catalonia will participate in the event as host nation.

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