Futsal European Federation

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Futsal European Federatio -FEF- is the international sporting association for futsal in Europe. It was founded in 1988 in Madrid. The FEF is affiliated to the Asociación Mundial de Fútbol de Salón (AMF), and is the European governing body for futsal under the AMF regulations. The FEF involves more than twenty national federations, among which Israel. FEF organizes men’s and women’s tournaments for both national and club’s teams.

In women’s area, the activity started in 2001 in Russia with the national teams: Championships that took place were both won by the Russian national team. Clubs’ tournaments like men’s ones take place since 2004. Recently FEF (futsal) and UEFA (football) have been discussing the European futsal management. FEF is a specific governing body for futsal and UEFA has the futsal as a committee beside football. FEF has been organizing European Championships several years before UEFA organized their own.

The History

Football Sala was born in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier, professor of Montevideo, creates a new team game at 5 in viable structures indoors and outdoor that resembles football.

The game immediately takes hold in all of Latin America, and becoming a real cult.

Easily playable by everyone, at any place and condition, can also be practiced throughout the year, even in winter without any difficulty.