Futsal European Federation



Federazione Italiana Football Sala

FIFS – Italian  Football Federation Sala – has its origins  in 1987, when a group of shareholders led by the Milanese Giovanni Conticini, decided to found the AIFS (Italian Football Association Sala), who in 1988 as a result of the act submitted to the court of Milan will be transformed in the current FIFS (Italian Football Federation Sala).

Federazione Italiana Football Sala  (FIFS) is a organisation that promotes, coordinates, organizes and manages the entire movement of national futsal.

The FIFS  coordinates the views of competitive activity and amateur of national professional football, both male and female, related to young people and children with disabilities.

The FIFS is active in the first person in social work, promoting sporting events and events for people with disabilities, often in conjunction with those of the able-bodied, with the involvement of associations, voluntary organizations and charities, as well as with the Italian Paralympic Committee Lombardia (Lombardy CIP).

We turn special attention towards the right of all to the sport as a method for the formation of the person, for integration and equal opportunities, for the protection of health, for the fight against racism and violence and to promote sustainable development of the category of disabled mentally.

Mission: Promoting the football sala activities by making it accessible to all people who cultivate an interest in the values of sport.

Vision: We believe that sport helps to improve the life: is health, sharing and respect.